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We are gaining experience in Drupal CMS since 2009. Drupal was always the core technology in Direktpoint. We specialize in advanced portals, migrations, integrations (REST/JSON, XML, SOAP), custom modules, performance optimalization. We also embraced new Thunder CMS (based on Drupal) into our workflow.


We create a custom tailor made online systems. If you need a PHP experts – we can be your next project dev team. PHP is our core backend language in the tech stack. We use Symfony, & Yii 2.0 frameworks on daily basis. We also provide a full front-end development for your project. We use many JS frameworks with focus on Vue.js


We‘ve prototyped, designed and deployed hundreds of landing pages and campaign websites. We love mobile first approach, we are very advanced in GA Analitics, performance optimization, SEM, SEO and FB ads. We have performed the multilingual campaigns across the markets in the EU zone.


You need a group of developers/designers operating remotely with your team for your client? We can arrange it and we will work with your tools and your work-flow in the project. Ask us for details and provide your needs.

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We would be thrilled to work with your agency. We can be a great support for your team. We are looking for a partners with whom we could establish a long term relationship. Below you can check out our work and area of expertise. Drop us a line - maybe we can work together on your next project.

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Are you a Startup?

Great! We hope it will be the next unicorn. If you need to promote it on CEE markets, design & develop new functionalities or create your product welcome landing page that will provide great conversion rate - this could be our input to your business.

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Visit the Press Center

Visit our Press Center for more updates, full portfolio and social media stream. You can also read about interesting cases like "How did we achive 74% conversion rate" or our first in-house startup - Salestracko...

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Coders, designers, analysts, marketers - all under one roof. We are a dedicated group of professionals in the field of web development, online marketing, design and usability. We have worked for big tech companies, global digital marketing agencies, governments and... our friend’s PR boutique from around the corner... :)
If you need a team extension for Your project or you need to conduct online campaign on the online markets we are the team you are looking for.

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Official Prime Minister portal

Official website of the Prime Minister of Poland has been developed by Direktpoint. We are responsible for its desktop and mobile development, maintenance and ongoing side projects. The website includes dedicated security solutions, also developed by us. The website meets very strict WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) requirements – has received numerous industry recognitions.

Official Prime Minister portal

Warsaw Stock
Exchange competition

The competition was organized by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The biggest Polish banks and financial bloggers were partners. Participants competed on futures market with an online demo platform to win real money. They were supported by mentors (analysts from banks and trading firms) who were sharing their market insights. We were responsible for the overall project: UX & design, photo shoot, web production, media buy, SEM & SEO, social buzz.

Warsaw Stock Exchange competition

TMS on the new
European markets

We are a lead partner in a complex project of expansion on the new markets of brokerage house - TMS. A designated team spent almost 2500 hours on design & deployment (with the great support from the client). We worked in all areas: from strategy through user experience design, onboarding process, key visuals, promotional videos to technology & implementation (multi-language website, trading platforms adaptation, mobile application development).

TMS on the new
European markets

Up to 75% CTR in the digital campaigns for Saxony

We conduct a nationwide digital campaign promoting Saxony on the Polish market. We are responsible for strategy, design, production, audience engaging throughout the online and offline channels. We manage official Saxony fan page, we have deployed a number of dedicated seasonal campaigns (read more about outstanding 70% CTR campaign). We also connect offline and online worlds - we mail thousands of high quality printed catalogues to travel fans all over the country. Oh, and one more thing - we deliver outstanding results!

Destination marketing
campaign for Saxony

English e-learning
for masters

We have designed and implemented tailor made online system for effective learning of advanced Brit. Business English. The system works on laptops and tablets, it's a hybrid of an e-learning platform and online store. Advanced mechanisms for vocabulary and grammar testing were applied, making the system demanding for its users. They can purchase extended business English lessons at affordable prices but a number of lessons are available free of charge. Check it out yourself!

English e-learning
for masters

TMS NonStop
mobile app

Quick, reliable, cutting edge financial news portal has its mobile app now. It was designed and developed by Direktpoint. Nonstop is a leader in FX market in CEE region and mobile app is a great support for trades which require the latest news from the markets. Team of NonStop editors can send dedicated push-ups, trade setups, individual messages based on the user’s access level. App is available for iOS and Android.

TMS NonStop
mobile app

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Warsaw office
Ludwika Nabielaka 11/8
00-743, Warsaw, Poland
+ 48 22 100 64 88
VAT EU: PL5213633424

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TMS on the new
European markets

Destination marketing
campaing for Saxony

English e-learing
for masters

Official Prime
Minister portal

TMS Nonstop
mobile app

Warsaw Stock
Exchange contest



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